What We Do

It’s quite simple…we devote all our time to scouting for the hottest real estate opportunities…so you don’t have to.

First, we put in countless hours of research, investigating real estate markets across the globe, until we find a location that stacks up.

We look for locations where you’ll love spending time…places where your real estate dollar goes further…destinations that offer buzzing city life, tranquil mountain getaways, or stunning beach spots.

But our top locations need to deliver more than nice landscapes or pretty beaches. They’ve got to have potential – for appreciation, strong rental yield, or both. We need to see a profit angle before we flag this up as our next hot location.

Once we find our hot location, we swing into boots-on-the-ground mode. We check out our hot locations first-hand, up close and personal. Is it easy to get to now – or will a planned road or airport open it up? Will it suit investors, retirees or vacationers…is there a strong rental market…or could you profit from local buyers?

We clock up thousands and thousands of air miles… meet with real estate agents and developers, property managers, attorneys, expats…and spend around two weeks a month on average, scouting out different locations. It’s a lot of legwork.

But that legwork pays off. Sometimes a property deal looks great on paper. But when we see it in person, it doesn’t add up. We investigate hundreds of projects each year – and we rule out most of them. Only a tiny percentage stands up to our scrutiny. And they’re the only ones we tell you about.

Here are some of our exciting property finds:

  • A lake-view condo in Costa Rica for $75,000. The owner needed to sell and he slashed the price. It sold straight away.
  • Lots in a beachfront community in Uruguay for $443 a month.
  • A location where one homeowner made $88,000 in rental income – in 12 months.

So, how do you get the most from Pathfinder? You’ll find a wealth of resources on our website but there are some easy steps you should take:

Thanks for letting me introduce Pathfinder – and now, let us help you find your own piece of paradise!

Margaret Summerfield

P.S. If you have any questions about Pathfinder, you can contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

P.P.S. You should know that Pathfinder is paid advertising fees by real estate agent and developer partners. We are extremely selective about the projects we work with, and our aim is to provide you with all the information you need in order to begin your own due diligence process to determine if a particular opportunity is right for you. Read our top tips on how to do your own due diligence here.

Chill Weekends



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Pathfinder is in the business of recommending a wide range of real estate and relocation services from developers and lawyers to real estate agents and tax specialists, to name but a few. Pathfinder requires developers to meet basic criteria before bringing them to you. However, any vetting we do on projects or professionals should not be construed as a guarantee by Pathfinder. Remember, the value of your real estate purchase can go down as well as up; there are no guarantees that property values will rise.

Pathfinder is not responsible for the management or delivery of chill weekends. We bring these to you for informational purposes on behalf of our developer and broker partners. As with any other overseas trip, we advise that you purchase travel insurance. We always recommend strongly that buyers perform their own complete due diligence, use a qualified legal professional to help with real estate transactions and purchase title insurance. Should a reader decide to purchase a property from one of the developers/real estate agents Pathfinder covers, Pathfinder will receive a fee from the developer or real estate agent.