About Pathfinder

Why Choose Pathfinder?

Pathfinder started as part of International Living…before setting up as a separate company in 2007. We scout the globe for real estate opportunities, in up-and-coming hot locations. We get you in early, ahead of the mainstream…because we know that getting you in early means that you get the best possible deal.

It all starts with the research…

First, we find those hot locations…places that we feel have the potential for appreciation, or strong rental yields…but which are currently under-valued. We study market forces (an emerging middle class, an influx of foreign investors, infrastructure upgrades, or crisis investing)…spend time on the ground…quiz our network of local resources…to see if the place stacks up. If it does, we move on to the next stage…finding the best properties in that location. Again, we do the research…and then the fun begins.

We travel in-country, meeting with developers and brokers…investigating properties up close…and deciding which make sense. Less than 10% of the properties we check out make the cut…and they’re the only ones we’ll tell you about.

There’s a reason for that. We have a track record we are proud of, and we want to keep it.

We don’t just bring Pathfinder readersaffordablereal estate – we also bring them exceptional opportunities with the potential forprofit. Opportunities such as:

  • A lot we recommended in Belize for $50,000 which one reader sold four years later for $129,000 – that’s a $79,000 profit!
  • $98,000 prime waterfront condos in Panama City…which were selling for  $250,000 two and a half years later…
  • Beachfront lots in Nicaragua for $34,000 that you’d pay up to $150,000 for today!

If you think that those prices belong in a history book…and you’d need to pay a lot more today for an overseas property with appreciation potential…here are a tiny portion of the deals we brought our readers in 2010:

  • Beach condos in Brazil for $60,350
  • Beach condo in Ecuador for $45,000
  • Lots in Costa Rica from $34,000
  • Beach & Golf condo in Nicaragua for $45,000
  • Condos in a Caribbean resort, with 5-star amenities, and financing…and you can own here for $800 a month

With some of the developers we work with, we have been responsible for up to 80% of their sales.  That gives us a huge amount of leverage which we use on your behalf.  We negotiate early access to new inventory, special payment terms, and exclusive discounts.

We have a track record…and a little black book of contacts…that’s the envy of many in our business. We also have unrivalled experience in this field…and a global overview of real estate markets that gives us an added edge when it comes to analyzing and comparing deals.

The two principals in Pathfinder are Ronan McMahon and Margaret Summerfield.

Chill Weekends



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Pathfinder is in the business of recommending a wide range of real estate and relocation services from developers and lawyers to real estate agents and tax specialists, to name but a few. Pathfinder requires developers to meet basic criteria before bringing them to you. However, any vetting we do on projects or professionals should not be construed as a guarantee by Pathfinder. Remember, the value of your real estate purchase can go down as well as up; there are no guarantees that property values will rise.

Pathfinder is not responsible for the management or delivery of chill weekends. We bring these to you for informational purposes on behalf of our developer and broker partners. As with any other overseas trip, we advise that you purchase travel insurance. We always recommend strongly that buyers perform their own complete due diligence, use a qualified legal professional to help with real estate transactions and purchase title insurance. Should a reader decide to purchase a property from one of the developers/real estate agents Pathfinder covers, Pathfinder will receive a fee from the developer or real estate agent.