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Dear Reader,

You pull up a chair in the shade of a palm tree, kick off your shoes and dig out your bathing suit.

You take a dip in the bright-blue ocean…relax and let go of your stresses as the peaceful warm waves wash over you…

You're free as a bird. You're planning a lobster lunch, beachside, with your toes in the sand. Then it's time for a nice, long siesta to laze away the tropical afternoon…

It's hard to believe you left home this morning, waving goodbye to the gray, dreary weather back home. Yet here you are, on a postcard-perfect beach for lunch, soaking up the warm sunshine and the gloriously laid-back atmosphere.

This Caribbean island bolt hole is gorgeous and it's quick and easy to get to. It's a great spot for a weekend break or longer vacation.

And you can make it a permanent getaway, too, thanks to its bargain property prices. Right now, you can buy a condo a short walk from an unspoiled beach for only $105,000.

A Caribbean Island Getaway with a Special Twist

We’re talking about a little town hidden away on the edge of a white-sand-fringed Caribbean island. It’s Las Terrenas, in the Dominican Republic.

The beaches at Las Terrenas are lined with palm trees and soft golden sand. But this definitely isn’t your typical Caribbean island destination, packed with all-inclusive hotels, crammed with tourists, and cheap souvenir shops. Instead, it’s much more upscale and boutique.

Long popular with Europeans, the town’s still got plenty of friendly Caribbean charm. But wander round the little streets, and you can sip strong espresso in little cafes…you can enjoy hand-made gelato, and crusty French bread. You can get a grilled seafood lunch on the beach with conch and shrimp for as little as $10…or enjoy Italian food, steak or sushi from gourmet restaurants.

Unspoiled beaches, free from crowds, and lined with palm trees, stretch for miles along the coast.

Las Terrenas is the perfect mix: a laid-back Caribbean island beach town that’s warm and welcoming—with a stylish European twist. In fact, its unique charm is a large part of Las Terrenas' growing popularity, not just with Europeans, but also with North American and Canadian vacationers. And thanks to these vacationers there is a strong demand for rental property in Las Terrenas. Some owners here report rental yields as high as 10%.

Today, we're inviting you to visit Las Terrenas to experience the lifestyle in our favorite Caribbean island town, and see the amazing property values here for yourself. You'll find out how to reserve your place on a Las Terrenas Property Tour shortly, but first, what makes this island location so special?

Why Choose This Caribbean Island?

The Dominican Republic is a great location for a second-home. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • It's quick and easy to get to. Flights take 2 hours 10 minutes from Miami, 3 hours 35 from Atlanta, and 3 hours 41 from New York. Low-cost airlines like Spirit and JetBlue help keep fares low.
  • It's got great beach weather. Temperatures along the coast hover in the 80s year-round.
  • The Dominican Republic offers powder-fine beaches and crystalline Caribbean Sea, and much, much more. The island's landscape includes waterfalls, mountains, valleys, forest, and lakes. In Santo Domingo, the capital city, you'll see colonial buildings and ancient forts.
  • It's easy to become a resident here.
  • The economy is strong. GDP averaged 5.5% from 1993 to 2013. Today, the big earners are tourism and Free Trade.
  • Property prices are still affordable in the Dominican Republic compared to other Caribbean locations.
  • Better yet, some owners report rental yields as high as 10% in one beach town.

Affordable Island Property—Why?

The Dominican Republic has been a popular vacation spot for Europeans for many years. But it wasn't well-known to North Americans. That's slowly changing.

In 2002, for the first time, more North American tourists visited the island than Europeans. The number of North American tourists continues to grow. Most travelers fly into Punta Cana, the island's busiest airport.

Tourists come to Punta Cana to relax and party in the big all-inclusive hotels that line the white-sand beaches. Their beach loungers pack the sand. These resorts are convenient but they're bland. They lack any local flavor.

It's not just big hotels that jumped on Punta Cana. When it came to property development, this place pulled out all the stops.

Development centered on the coast around Cap Cana, 7 minutes from the airport. Big-name luxury resort and residential developments moved in. They built fancy high-rise condos and homes with multi-million dollar price tags. They promised golf courses, marinas and luxury spas. Swarms of international investors got on board.

Cap Cana became the Dominican Republic's hottest boom zone. But in recent years the frenzy ground to a halt. Some developers scaled back big projects or shelved them. Property prices today are a far cry from the boom years.

But our top pick for your Caribbean island beach home, Las Terrenas, is a far cry from Cap Cana.

Las Terrenas skipped the craze for triple golf courses and budget-busting condos. Away from the mainstream crowds, it followed its own beat; low-key, low-rise and laid-back.

Today, Las Terrenas is a pretty beach town in the east of the island, with a chic European atmosphere, remarkably affordable property and some surprisingly luxurious amenities.

Las Terrenas: Boutique Chic

Thirty years ago, Las Terrenas was a rustic fishing village in the Samana peninsula. You hopped on a boat or a donkey to get here. In 1985, the town had three small hotels, dirt roads, no electricity or phone coverage.

But for some the journey was worth it. Las Terrenas boasts a gorgeous setting with 19 miles of stunning beaches surrounded by steep green hills carpeted in palm trees.

It attracted French and Italian tourists, who came to relax on the untamed beaches in the area. Life here is all about the beaches. You can walk for miles on the sand. Each beach offers something different…a little rocky island in the middle of a bay, a long sweep of soft white sand, a fringe of coconut palms…

Imagine mile after mile of stunning white-sand beach…

They fell in love with the town's rustic charm and settled here. They didn't want to change the town too much. They simply wanted to add some home comforts. They opened small restaurants, spas, boutique hotels, cafes and bakeries.

You won't find big crowds or big resort hotels. The locals and expats alike appreciate the small-town atmosphere. They don't want Las Terrenas to become the next big mass-market destination. Instead, they want it to stay low-key and laid-back, a place to catch up with friends at the French bakery or trade tales at a little beach bar.

Las Terrenas is full of charming bakeries, cafes, and restaurants…

Restaurants in Las Terrenas serve everything from simple snacks to gourmet food. You can try grilled fish, wood-fired pizza, steak or lobster. You can buy flaky croissants from the French bakery in the morning. And hand-made Italian gelato in the warm afternoons…

The town got hooked up to the electric grid in 1994. That was a real game-changer. But Las Terrenas remained under the radar, popular only with wealthy locals and independent travelers. It still retains its small town charm.

Today, thanks to new road access, it's easier than ever to get to this boutique destination. More North Americans are now buying second homes here, seduced by the setting, the relaxed island lifestyle and the undervalued beach homes.

The New Highway Makes Getting Here a Breeze

A new highway connecting the Samana peninsula with Santo Domingo, the island's capital, opened in 2009. It cut the drive time to Las Terrenas from Santo Domingo in half, to 2.5 hours. But the last part of the journey was the trickiest part of the trip.

It involved a steep climb into the hills, on a curving, narrow road. The road was rough with lots of potholes. There were no safety barriers or street lights. It was a winding, tricky drive on a dry day—and a scary prospect in the dark or heavy rain. And it took at least 45 minutes to cover that last 12-mile stretch of road.

But a new coastal boulevard road opened in October 2011:

It cuts out the climb through the mountains around Las Terrenas. It makes getting here a breeze…

It now takes around 90 minutes to drive to Las Terrenas from Santo Domingo. So it's easier for locals to come here for the weekend or longer vacations.

It's easier for foreign tourists and expats, too. The new road places Las Terrenas only 25 minutes from the international airport at El Catey. The airport currently receives direct flights from Toronto, Montreal, New York, London and Paris.

Properties to Suit Most Budgets

Las Terrenas is one of the most affordable island beach destinations in Latin America. And it's now quick and easy to get to.

This chic beach town attracts travelers looking for a tranquil spot, far from partying crowds and sprawling hotels. Those visitors often prefer the space and seclusion they get with a private rental. So your home here can earn a very handsome rental income when you're not using it yourself.

Many owners report rental yields of 10% from their vacation homes in Las Terrenas. Your second home here can cover its costs and even turn a handsome profit.

Take a look at some of the properties available in Las Terrenas today:

A 1-bed condo in a small community with a pool, social area and Jacuzzi. The condo has quality finishes and is just 100 meters from a beautiful beach. Price: $105,000.

A colonial-style three-bed two-bath duplex with an established rental history. It’s in a small complex with a social area and swimming pool. Price: $179,500.

A two-bed two-bath condo in a quiet location in downtown Las Terrenas in a small resort complex directly across from the beach. There is an on-site restaurant, spa and swimming pool. The condo comes fully-furnished and equipped. Price: $198,000.

A 4-bed 4-bath home in a beachfront project. It’s got a beautiful social area and swimming pool. It’s got a proven track record for rentals. Price: $415,000.

These dreamy 4-bed 3.5-bath town homes are spacious at 2,314 square feet. There are only 8 available, some of which are frontline—80 meters to the beach.They’re fully-furnished and move-in ready. Price: from $450,000.

The best way to check out properties is on a Las Terrenas Property Tour. You'll get the lowdown on Las Terrenas—the best beaches and restaurants, what it's like to live here and the real skinny on rental income potential—from your host, local real estate agent Toni Green.

Toni relocated to Las Terrenas from the UK in 2004 with her young sons. She visited Las Terrenas for a Christmas vacation, liked what she saw and decided to start a new life in this little beach town. Once you spend some time here, you'll understand why.

Toni is inviting you to sample the Las Terrenas lifestyle for yourself, checking out the best properties (and, of course, soaking up the sun on the pristine beaches) on a Las Terrenas Property Tour.

A Trip You Can't Afford to Miss

If you'd like to try on Las Terrenas for size and see if it fits, you need to snap up your spot on the next Las Terrenas Property Tour.

This trip will give you a taste of Las Terrenas' chic island style. You'll truly relax in this amazing setting. You'll explore the town and the surrounding area, meet expats who have already made the move and check out a range of properties with prices and styles to suit your budget.

Don't worry, you'll get plenty of time to kick back on the stunning beaches, too...enjoying the warm sun, relaxing on the soft sand and launching yourself into the sparkling ocean…

Toni will organize everything for you…airport transfers, transport, and accommodation. She'll be on hand to make the arrangements. She's your contact on the ground who can take all the hassle out of planning your trip…and more importantly, make sure you see the best-value properties here. Plus, you can enjoy the company of like-minded Pathfinder readers, on your Las Terrenas trip.

Organizing a trip like this on your own would take a lot of time, hassle and expense…but as a Pathfinder Alert reader you could pay as little as $525 for a three night Las Terrenas Property Tour (two can attend for just $725). You can also you can arrange to stay for longer if you wish.

Of course, there's a catch. If you want to see these properties before they get snapped up, you need to act now. There are only 12 places available on this next Las Terrenas Property Tour.

Las Terrenas is a unique island beach town with some amazing property bargains. If you're in the market for an affordable beach home that you can use at weekends or for longer vacations…in a setting with show-stopping beauty…you should put this little town top of your shortlist.

And come and see it for yourself on a Las Terrenas Property Tour- soon.

Margaret Summerfield
Managing Director, Pathfinder

P.S. Don't delay. These trips are extremely popular, and Toni's calendar fills up fast.

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