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12/27/2015A Free Four-Day Stay in a Chic Beach Town for Five Lucky Readers

12/26/2015A Four-Day Adventure in Costa Rica – for Free

12/25/2015Four Glorious Days in a Caribbean Paradise – for Free

12/20/2015A Luxury Condo in a Growing Beach Town for Under $76,000

12/19/2015A Traditional Home in a Spanish ‘‘Pueblo Blanco’’ From Just $90,000

12/18/2015A Killer Buy in a Little-Known Beach Town for Less Than $60,000

12/06/2015This Condo Is Going to Be Snapped Up - Make Sure It’s You Who Does It

This is a fantastic deal on a Caribbean resort condo - a unit that normally lists for $226,000…priced at only $187,000, with some extras

12/05/2015A Vacationer’s Playground - And a Place Where You Could Profit

This community is a destination - with plenty of amenities to attract renters

12/04/2015In a Market That’s Taking Off, This Where the Real Estate Expert Stays

In this Caribbean destination, you can expect capital appreciation, strong rental income - and a top-notch vacation spot…


11/29/2015Why Now Is the Time to Buy in This Atlantic Beach Community

11/28/2015An Early-In Lot in Uruguay That’s Set to Rise in Value

11/27/2015Why Little Uruguay Packs a Big Punch for Real Estate

The beaches in this province are uncrowded—think 1950s Hamptons rather than champagne-popping socialites. And property is very good value…

11/15/2015Panama: How a Condo by the Beach Could Make You $123,000

Find out about the first opportunity in Panama that’s got the attention of Ronan McMahon since 2007…

11/14/2015Where to Buy in the Hong Kong of the Americas

Is there any real estate opportunity left in this regional hub and powerhouse?

11/13/2015It’s Still Possible to Bag a Bargain in Boquete, Panama - If You Do This

Can you still bag a bargain in Panama’s top highlands destination? Find out here…

11/01/2015How to Make $20,000 a Year as Your Property Value Goes Up


10/31/2015A Condo in Mexico’s Caribbean ‘‘Boom Town’’ for Under $190,000

10/30/2015The Global Property Scout Confides: Where I Tell My Friends to Live

10/11/2015Low Prices, High-End Living, and Virgin Beaches

Real estate in this location offers incredible value…

10/10/2015A Double-Digit Rental Yield in a Dream-Beach Location

Unspoiled beaches, clear blue sea and double-digit rental yields. What more do you want?

10/09/2015Europeans Discovered It…You Need to Hear About It

This is one of the best beach-town destinations in the world. If you’re thinking about buying a second home or vacation rental, you need to put it on your shortlist.


09/27/2015Rental Yields of 10% and Up on Mexico’s Caribbean

This Caribbean coast is on a tear…own here and you can do very well when it comes to rental income.

09/26/2015You’ll Miss This Buying Moment If You Wait Too Long

I got in early and bagged a bargain in this community - and you can, too.

09/13/2015Strong Returns in a Stunning Location—One Couple’s Story

Discover why this couple chose Mexico’s Riviera Maya for an overseas property investment.

09/12/2015Buy at the Right Price and Cover Your Costs…And More

Read about three locations where you’ll love spending time - and can generate strong rental yields.

09/06/2015Strong Yields in This Unique, Caribbean Location

This destination fits the brief of “location, location, location”...

09/05/2015Why the Property Scout Keeps Coming Back Here

Find out why Ronan McMahon keeps going back to this Caribbean coast.

09/04/2015Serene, Beautiful, and Unique: Best-in-Class on the Riviera Maya

Looking for Caribbean destinations where you can buy well for pricing that doesn’t yet reflect the beauty or the amenities on offer? Then look no farther…


08/23/2015Rental Income That Pays for Your Luxury Mexican Home

Want to own a luxury Pacific home in an amenity-filled resort? With developer financing on offer, it’s more affordable than you might think…

08/22/2015The Strongest Opportunity to Buy in a High-End Market at Bargain Pricing

You won’t believe how much folks will pay just to spend a few weeks in this location

08/21/2015Luxury Meets the Beauty of the Pacific Coast—at Bargain Prices

This jet set location was hit by the global slowdown. And that means opportunity for savvy buyers

08/09/2015Gross $39,000 Rental Yields in Six Months in This Costa Rican Paradise

Find the right spot for your second home - with good demand and little competition - and you can generate string rental income

08/08/2015All This on Your Doorstep…and the Beauty of Costa Rica, Too

In this hidden corner of Costa Rica, you’ll find unspoiled beaches, stunning ocean views, lots of wildlife, an active expat community - and attractive property prices

08/07/2015Costa Rica’s Ocean-View Lots for $85,000 If You Know Where to Look

Costa Rica’s a tourist favourite…a second home hot spot…so can you still find affordable property?


07/26/2015Luxury Lots in Frontier Nicaragua From $85,000

This coast is on the up…this community is top-notch…but you can still bag an ocean-view lot for $85,000.

07/25/2015Lavish, Special, and Still a Bargain… For Now

Luxurious living in a rustic setting - is this Pacific coast retreat the place for you?

07/24/2015Don’t Overlook The Most Awesome Coastline I Know

This country has frontier charm, stunning coastline and rising real estate values…

07/12/2015People Will Pay for This Lifestyle If You Let Them

This place fits the bill if you’re looking for a second home that can cover its keep.

07/11/2015The Riviera Lifestyle Chilled Out and Stress-Free in the Caribbean

If you’re looking for balance - a place where you can unwind, relax, recharge your batteries…AND profit…put this location on your shortlist.

07/10/2015A Standout Opportunity Close to White-Sand Beaches

This unique community offers a mix of beach, golf and wellness, right on your doorstep.


06/27/2015Fire-Sale Portugal: Buy Now for Potential Gains of $80,000

Find out more about a strong fire sale opportunity - a few blocks from the beach - in Portugal.

06/26/2015Portugal: Crisis, Bank Collapse, and Fire-Sale Properties

Is now the right time to buy in Portugal? Find out how to buy low and watch the value of your property rise…

06/21/2015Gross Almost $25,000 a Year From This Riviera Maya Condo

This is a place where you’ll love spending time - and a place where you can earn strong rental income…

06/20/2015Own Caribbean Property with Income Potential

Life in a Caribbean paradise doesn't need to be a pipe dream. It could be yours for a lot less than you think.

06/19/2015A Dream Home Amidst the Tamed Beauty of Mexico’s Caribbean

There's nowhere in the world quite like Mexico's Riviera Maya. Back in the 1960s, the Mexican government first saw the potential of this area on the country's Caribbean coast—its raw, untamed natural beauty; its clear, turquoise-green waters that teem with fish of every shape, color, and size; and its potential to be a hotspot for vacationers.


05/30/2015A Triple-A Rating on Mexico’s Caribbean Coast

Real estate 101 is location, location, location. Find out how one community scores a triple-A location rating.

05/29/2015The Best of Both Worlds In Getaway Mexico

Tao is the ultimate getaway of spectacular Caribbean beaches and turquoise seas, a five-star resort setting, and buckets of amenities at affordable prices.

05/29/20153 Rules for Maximizing Your Rental Income

Margaret Summerfield shows you three ways you can maximize your rental income.

05/24/2015Getting the Inside Scoop on Profitable Real Estate

Ronan McMahon gives readers a taster of the real estate insider information he shares with members of his insider group, Real Estate Trend Alert.

05/23/2015This Is A Red-Hot Rental Market

The economy along Mexico’s Riviera Maya is on a real tear. With the rental market red-hot, now is the time to buy here.

05/22/2015Where the Next Big Real Estate Opportunity May Develop

Ronan McMahon takes a look at global real estate markets to find the next big real estate opportunity.

05/17/2015Great Values & Strong Rental Income in Medellin

Medellin offers great property values and strong rental yields. And thanks to the current favorable exchange rate, it’s now even better value…

05/16/2015Mountain Properties in Ecuador’s Colonial Gem

If you’re looking for cool mountain living, an active expat scene, lots of cultural events and low property prices, this place fits the bill.

05/15/2015Gorgeous Weather and Natural Beauty in Affordable Boquete

Boquete, Panama, is a lot easier to get to these days - and it’s still a great place for a second or retirement home.

05/10/2015Snap Up a Luxury Home in Los Cabos—While You Still Can

Find out why so many folks want to own a home in this upscale location - and how you can, too…

05/09/2015The Rich and Famous Found it…You Can Own It

Back in the 1940s, the rich and famous discovered this secret location. Today, you can own a piece of this exclusive haven…

05/08/2015What to Look for When a Boom Goes Bust

What should you look for in a real estate market before you buy?

05/03/2015Your Own Beautiful Beach View for Miles…

This dreamy home sits on a 1.24-acre beachfront lot. And it can earn up to $22,500 a week in rental income…

05/02/2015A Beachfront Penthouse on Panama’s Pacific Coast

This luxury penthouse condo on Panama’s Pacific coast boasts ocean and beach views, a spacious terrace with a Jacuzzi tub and lots of on-site amenities…

05/01/2015Living in Luxury on the Beach in Belize

This beachfront home in Belize would make a perfect vacation home…you can move right in or rent it out straight away.


04/26/2015Tulum: Ticking the Right Boxes for Investment

In the world of real estate, location is key. And when it comes to location, the Encanto Tulum community ticks all the right boxes. Find out why here…

04/25/2015A Beach Straight From Paradise

In 2000, the town of Tulum had a mere 6733 inhabitants. By 2010, that number had rose to 18,233 and today, it is one of the fastest towns on earth. Amenities in Tulum are fantastic and the beach is paradise…

04/24/20154.5 Million Tourists Can’t Be Wrong

4.5 million people visited the Riviera Maya in 2014. That figure is expected to grow by 20% in 2015. This means that rental potential is on the up and up. Over Easter week alone, the occupancy rates in downtown Playa del Carmen were 83% and up to 90% along the coast.

04/19/2015Beautiful Beaches & Easy Living from $34,000…Or Less

Margaret Summerfield checks out a small community near La Paloma in Uruguay. It’s very affordable with a half-acre lot for $34,000 - and lots with an ocean view from only $42,000.

04/18/2015Three Photos You Need to See

Margaret Summerfield follows Uruguay’s path of progress from glitzy Punta del Este to Rocha’s untamed coast and unspoiled beaches.

04/17/201510 Reasons to Choose Farm Land in Uruguay

Margaret Summerfield scouts farmland in Uruguay and gives you 10 reasons why you should consider buying agricultural land here.

04/12/2015From Fishing Village to Boomtime Opportunity

Ronan McMahon visits Playa del Carmen, Mexico and reports on an exciting new opportunity that’s in the works…

04/11/2015Europe’s Best Distressed Opportunities are Here

Ronan McMahon discusses Europe’s economic crisis and describes where to get the best investment deals in this turbulent environment.

04/10/2015An Italian Hill-Town Home for One Euro?

Italy’s economy suffered badly during the economic downturn. Today, tax rates are high and there is an exodus of both capital and people from the country. Ronan McMahon gives you the real skinny on the country’s real estate market.

04/05/2015How to Make Your Overseas Dream Home Pay for Itself

Beth Carson is a vacation rental expert. Here she explains how to manage your own rental property from the comfort of home.

04/04/2015Condo Hotels in Panama and What They Tell Us

Margaret Summerfield gives you the lowdown on condo hotels in Panama - and explains why they may not deliver what they promise.

04/03/2015The Top 3 False Economies in Real Estate

We all like to save money where we can. But when buying real estate, there are some things that you simply can’t afford to cut back on…such as these three basics.


03/29/2015Why this Real Estate Crisis Spells Opportunity

The current economic crisis in Spain means that there are some excellent real estate investment opportunities available. But they’re not all equal.  Margaret Summerfield offers some advice on how to pick the best property.

03/28/2015A Second Chance to Make Some Caribbean Profits

It’s got the palm trees, the brilliant-turquoise seas, and some of the best beaches in the world. The Caribbean has some excellent early-in real estate deals right now where you can invest low and profit high.

03/27/2015My Top Rule When Buying Abroad

Margaret Summerfield gives her tips and advice on purchasing real estate in foreign countries. Getting good legal advice is essential for the smooth purchase of a property.

03/21/2015Cuba—What the Real Play Will Be

Cuba is opening up with the renewal of diplomatic relations with the U.S. Is now a good time to invest in Cuba?

03/20/201511,000 Rooms on the Riviera Maya Won’t be Enough

The Riviera Maya is booming, visitor numbers are growing, there is a shortage of accommodation. That spells opportunity, right?

03/18/2015Claim Your Copy of this Riviera Maya "White Paper"—Free

For a limited time only, Ronan McMahon gives readers the chance to get their copy of his ‘White Paper’ on the Riviera Maya.

03/17/2015Your Next Gift is Ready

As well as offering Real Estate Trend Alert membership for a bargain $7 dollars, Ronan McMahon is also giving readers access to a special report on Nicaragua.

03/16/2015A Personal Invitation to Share My Most Profitable Research

Ronan McMahon invites readers to join Real Estate Trend Alert and enjoy weekly subscription mailings as well as gain unlimited access to RETA website for as little as 7 dollars for a whole month.

03/15/2015Some of the Lowest Fees You’ll Find in Latin America

In most private communities, you can expect to pay monthly fees to cover the cost of maintaining common areas, paying for security and cleaning, keeping the elevator running, or the swimming pool up to scratch. These fees can add up fast. At Pacific Lots, monthly fees are as low as $30…

03/14/2015A Dramatic Setting, Pristine Beaches & Low Property Prices

In the past, bad road access kept this area off the radar. It skipped the real estate boom we saw in other parts of the country. So it’s still very affordable - and boasts incredible scenery, lots of wildlife and unspoiled beaches.

03/13/2015Real Estate 101: Know Your Developer

From permits to insurance; Margaret Summerfield gives us her best tips on choosing the right real estate developer when buying pre-construction real estate

03/08/2015A Hot Rental Market You Can Tap Into

On all her recent trips to the Riviera Maya, Margaret Summerfield has found it almost impossible to find accommodation. This shortfall highlights the excellent rental potential for owners in this area.

03/07/2015A Profitable, Early-In Deal in an Established Resort

Margaret is looking at an early-in project in Los Cabos, Mexico. Amenities in this resort are world-class with a hotel, an ocean-front golf course and clubhouse, restaurants, concierge service, and some very well-appointed condos and houses.

03/06/2015A World-Class Destination That’s Hard to Beat

Los Cabos is a jet-set destination that attracts celebrities and the world’s wealthy. Multi-million-dollar homes dot the hills overlooking the coast. There is investment potential here too…if you know where to look, Ronan McMahon explains…


02/28/2015Big Profits Playing the Rising Middle Class

Ronan McMahon has been watching the growth of Brazil’s middle class for a number of years now. As the middle class sector has grown, so has their spending potential. The newest investment opportunity that Ronan has uncovered is in Pecem; a major new commercial and industrial hub.

02/27/2015Big Gains on a Caribbean Coast

Mexico’s Riviera Maya has really transformed over the last 10 years. When Ronan McMahon first visited the area, the roads were terrible and when you got there, there was nowhere to eat. 10 years on, a superb highway takes you down the Riviera Maya where you’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of where to eat. Ronan has also uncovered some fantastic real estate investing opportunities in this area.

02/22/2015A Pacific Beach Condo for $169,000

Olon is located on Ecuador’s southern Pacific coast less than three hours from the international airport at Guayaquil. It’s 88 miles from Manta, a big city with an airport, shopping malls, and a hospital, and 46 miles to the bustling beach town of Salinas. In one beachfront community here, a 1926 square foot condo will only set you back $169K.

02/21/2015A Condo with Amazing Ocean Views for $145,000

The Mexican city of Puerto Vallarta offers a fantastic combination of infrastructure, amenities, and culture combined with some very pretty beaches. Margaret Summerfield finds a great property deal here: a fully-furnished ocean-view condo for only $145K.

02/20/2015A Lake-View Home in a Rural Haven for $159,000

Arenal, Costa Rica boasts warm weather all year around. It’s a friendly place where the locals greet strangers and stop to chat with each other. Many expats move to Arenal and set up their own business, they run art galleries, cafes, restaurants, and small hotels scattered around the lake. You can get a good deal on property here too; Margaret Summerfield has found a 2-bed, 2-bath property here for only $159K.

02/15/2015My Favorite Safe Haven

West Cork in Ireland’s picturesque south-west has been a safe haven for many decades now. Find out how much - or how little - you’d pay to own a home here…

02/14/2015Never Waste a Crisis

Spain’s Costa del Sol has proved to be another safe haven for your money during uncertain times. People from many different troubled nations purchase property on the Costa del Sol as their safety net.

02/13/2015In Turbulent Times Seek Safe-Haven Profits

This week Ronan McMahon is focusing on areas that can be used as a safe havens for your money. Malta is an up-and-coming safe haven as well as a wonderful place to spend time.

02/08/2015Earn Strong Rental Income Overseas

Today, Margaret Summerfield details three places where your second home can earn a strong income. These are locations where you’ll love vacationing yourself. And when you’re not enjoying your home in paradise, you can rent it out and generate income.

02/07/20158 Tips for Picking a Profitable Rental Overseas

When it comes to choosing the most profitable vacation rental property, there are a number of things to consider. Margaret Summerfield offers some excellent tips here…

02/06/2015Don’t Make This “Property Buying’’ Mistake

When it comes to buying a property you need to ensure you are getting what you actually pay for. We’re talking square feet…and why you need to check if the numbers add up.

02/01/2015The Secret’s Out on My Favorite Beach

Margaret Summerfield let’s readers in on the name of her favorite beach on the Riviera Maya. A protected turtle nesting beach and it’s only a five- to 10-minute drive from Tao.


01/31/2015A Five-Star Caribbean Lifestyle and a Rental Income

A lot has happened over the past five years in Tao, on the Riviera Maya. The development of Tao in Tulum has grown into a functioning community with a Wellness Center with lap pools, a gym and a juice bar.

01/30/2015Second Chance for a Killer Deal in Playa

Located on the path of progress stretching down the coast from Cancun, Playa del Carmen had changed measurably in a just a few years. It no longer feels like a rustic beach town, now it is more like a small, hip city with a beachfront location. And Margaret Summerfield has found investment potential here too.

01/25/2015Profit From the Emergence of a New Middle Class

Ronan McMahon describes the growth of the Colombian middle class and how this has created investment opportunities. In this article, you can also download your free report: Three Ways to Find the World’s Best Real Estate Markets in 2015.

01/24/2015Why Now is the Time to Buy in Spain

Ronan McMahon details how Spain’s real estate situation has changed over the past number of years and why NOW is the time to buy on the Costa del Sol.

01/23/2015Profit from the Riviera Maya’s Path of Progress

Ronan McMahon outlines the path of progress along Mexico’s Caribbean coast heading south from Cancun. In Tulum, the market is fast moving and demand far exceeds supply for rental condos.

01/21/2015Beware the Laws on Short-Term Rentals

Margaret Summerfield outlines the situation on short-term property rentals in Panama, Colombia and Ecuador. Margaret states the current situation as well as noting laws that may come into effect in the future.

01/18/2015Three Property Picks in Huatulco

Margaret Summerfield shows us three properties currently for sale in Huatulco with a start price of only $130,000.

01/17/2015Year-Round Warmth and Amazing Views in Huatulco

Huatulco, Mexico is not a place where you can earn double-digit rental yields. Instead it’s a lifestyle buy, somewhere you’ll want to spend time, riding out the cold winters back home and relaxing with family and friends.

01/16/2015Magical Views, 36 Beaches, But What’s It Like On The Property Front?

Margaret Summerfield recently visited Huatulco on Mexico’s Pacific coast. With nine bays, two marinas and 36 beaches, it is a great place for snowbirds and retirees.

01/11/2015The Best Places to Invest This Year…Starting Now

Ronan McMahon gives his predictions on where the best places for investment potential will be in the coming year. Mexico’s Riviera Maya and Spain’s Costa del Sol are firmly on his radar

01/10/2015Could This Be The Most Exciting Opportunity of the Next Decade?

Ronan McMahon checks out the real estate market in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The middle-class sector is fast growing here and already there is a shortage of high-end rentals in certain areas…

01/09/2015Can You Buy a Home in Cuba?

Margaret Summerfield recently visited the Caribbean island of Cuba. But this wasn’t a scouting trip. Find out why in this article…

01/03/2015How to Get High Rental Payments in Cabo

Cabo, at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, is somewhere the jet-set have been coming for years. Ronan McMahon has unearthed a property deal here where you can own a luxurious property without the celebrity price tag.

01/02/2015Jet-Set Opportunity by the Sea of Cortez

Until recently, Cabo, at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula in Northwestern Mexico, wasn’t on Ronan McMahon’s radar. As Ronan explains, the real estate market has undergone many changes here and he has spotted an investment opportunity.


12/31/2014The Supply-Demand Problem in Panama City

Margaret Summerfield outlines the supply-demand problems in Panama’s real estate rental sector.

12/28/2014What You Can Do with $4,920 in Brazil…

This is a deal where you could buy a lot with a down payment of $4,920 and 120 monthly payments of $312. Ronan McMahon predicts that in five years time, people who buy now can expect their lot to be worth double what they paid for it.

12/27/2014Free Report on Brazil’s Investment Hot Spot

Today, we are giving our readers a free Real Estate Trend Alert white paper on investment opportunities in Brazil. You can get in early with pre-construction property with financing direct from the developer. Read more...

12/26/2014New Video Reveals Big Profit Potential—Why Brazil, Why Now?

Over the last 10 years, more than 35 million Brazilians have become middle class. In a free video we’ll share with you today, Pathfinder’s Brazil contact, Daniel Neves, explains why this powerful demographic trend spells profit potential for you.

12/21/2014A Second Home in the Sun—Profit Potential Included

Margaret Summerfield returns to Las Terrenas on her latest scouting trip. Las Terrenas is a prefect location for a second home that won’t cost you a fortune and can earn you a handsome profit if you rent it out.

12/20/2014Check Out This View (But Buyer Beware…)

Margaret Summerfield checks out Cap Cana, a luxury master planned community in the Dominican Republic’s southeast. The views are heavenly but potential buyers should be wary, this community has issues. Read more…

12/19/2014Heads-up: Opportunity Awaits in the Caribbean…

Margaret Summerfield outlines her upcoming trip to Pathfinder’s top Caribbean island destination, - the Dominican Republic. Margaret also brings you up to speed on previous scouting trips to the Dominican Republic where she visited Cap Cana and Las Terrenas.

12/13/2014It’s Time to Visit Spain

There are incredible real estate deals to be had in Spain right now. You can find incredible deals even in place like the luxurious Puerto Banus on the eastern fringes of Marbella.

12/12/2014Yes, You Can Get Financing in Spain

Ronan McMahon’s recommendations for buying real estate in Spain have done well to date. Right now, Spain’s Costa del Sol should be on your radar - and you need to be ready to act.

12/10/2014Condos for Less Than $100,000 in the South of Spain

In the south of Spain right now, real estate is on the tear. The best distressed real estate deals are being snapped up, and the window of opportunity is fast closing. There’s opportunity for great deals here, for those who act now.

12/07/2014A Strong Rental Market Close to a Beautiful Beach…

Aldea Zamá is a new master-planned community near the beach in Tulum. Investment potential here is high for those availing of this opportunity now.

12/06/2014The Only Way to Buy Into One of the Top Beaches on Earth for Less Than $200,000

The Tulum area is definitely one of the best spots on the Pathfinder beat right now. The Path of Progress along the coastline here has produced excellent investment opportunities for those who act now.

12/05/2014Four “Barriers” that Help Your Real Estate Investment Increase in Value

When you are investing in real estate, barriers like the shortage of developable land, permitting restrictions and others are important to ensure that you get the best profit from your investment.


11/30/2014Affordable Condos, a Big Discount and Developer Financing in Los Cabos

You can have it all with a property in Los Cabos; affordability plus a big discount and developer financing. This glamorous spot is also home to signature gold courses, fine dining, award-winning spas and a buzzing nightlife.

11/29/2014Living the Good Life for Less

The newest destination on the Pathfinder best is located in Baja California Sur. A world class destination where you can enjoy a high quality of life. Watch our short video to find out more…

11/28/2014A World-Class Home in a World-Class Setting—With Affordable Pricing

Check out this new destination on the Pathfinder beat. From golf to fishing, shopping to eateries, the amenities are world class. Watch our short video and see it for yourself.

11/26/2014How to Avoid HOA Horror Stories

There are quite a few things that you need to know in order to avoid the pitfalls of issues with HOA’s (homeowners associations). Knowing the right questions to ask about HOA’s when buying your property can make all the difference.

11/23/2014Ends Tonight—Request Your RETA Open House Password Now

Join Real Estate Trend Alert today for just 7 dollars and gain access to incredible real estate deals in more than 12 countries across the globe. From ocean view lots in tropical southern Costa Rica to fire sale properties along the sunny Mediterranean, Ronan McMahon has scouted the best international deals for Real Estate Trend Alert Members.

11/22/2014$550 a Month: Your Own Money-Making Condo Near the Best Beaches

With our RETA “Open House” offer, you can discover loft condos along Mexico’s Riviera Maya with monthly payments of as little as $550. Ronan McMahon has negotiated this special RETA member only deal where you’ll get up to $32,500 off the launch price.

11/21/2014A Safe Place to Grow Your Cash Outside the U.S.

With your $7 RETA membership, we’ll give you the best property deals where you can grow your cash outside the U.S.

11/20/2014Open House: You’re Set Up for No-Holds-Barred Access

Today, you can gain full Real Estate Trend Alert Membership for only 7 dollars. Read on to find out how this is possible…

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