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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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The community of Tao rates as the most popular second home buy with our readers. For some, it’s because of the beaches and the amenities. For others, it’s the good-value price and the appreciation potential.  But mostly it’s for one very simple reason: it’s easy.

It’s easy to get to. Tao is just over an hour from Cancun’s international airport. Cancun is a short flight from many U.S. cities (1 hour 45 minutes from Miami, 2 hours 15 minutes from Houston, and 4 hours 20 minutes from New York). Hundreds of flights land at Cancun in high season. And with budget groups like Spirit, JetBlue and LACSA flying to Cancun, you can take advantage of low-cost fares to visit. Your friends and family will likely want to come, too.

It’s the easy Caribbean. This place has everything a Caribbean vacation spot should have – baby-soft white sand, brilliant turquoise seas and bright blue skies. But it’s not a remote island location that’s miles from anywhere; it’s quick and easy to get to, with excellent infrastructure. You’ll find clinics and hospitals and well-stocked stores and supermarkets close by. There’s no “island premium” to pay for groceries or eating out. And you’ll never run short of things to do…

It’s easy to entertain yourself.  You can swim, dive, snorkel, sail, or sunbathe on this Caribbean coast. You can explore vast nature reserves and water parks, discover ancient history in Mayan temples or play a round of golf on championship courses. You can choose from a wide range of restaurants and cafés. You can party the night away in a buzzing bar or lively club – or sample music, arts, film and food festivals. And in the Tao community you can learn salsa, join a yoga class or simply relax by the pool. In fact, you’ll enjoy a superb quality of life.

It’s easy to see the potential. The government plans to triple the number of tourists to this region over the next decade. We’re already seeing more demand for properties from second home buyers, snowbirds and retirees. But this coast has the Caribbean Sea on one side and more than two million acres of protected land in national parks and reserves on the other. Add in tight regulations on building heights and density and you’ve got a property investor’s dream…limited inventory in a place that’s attracting more tourists, renters and property buyers.

It’s easy to buy here. Tao is set inside a five-star resort…with a golf course, powder-sand beach, a choice of restaurants and cafes, a gym and spa, swimming pools, and entertainment. Homes in the resort cost a million dollars plus. Yet you can buy a luxury condo in Tao thanks to easy developer financing (no credit check or mountain of paperwork required) with a manageable down payment and payments as low as $800 a month plus some balloon payments).

It’s easy to try it out. You can try out this location and the Tao lifestyle on a four-day chill weekend. You’ll stay in the resort, check out finished homes in the Tao community and explore the amenities, in the company of a small group of fellow readers. Of course, you’ll have fun, too – with plenty of time to soak up the sun on the beach, kick back in a lounger, or drink cocktails under the stars.

The chill weekend trip costs $180. That includes your transfer from Cancun airport, your accommodation and all meals and drinks. All you have to do is book your flight. The Tao team will meet you at the airport and give you top-class VIP treatment.

Space on these trips is strictly limited to 20 people. The trips fill fast, so if you’d like to reserve your spot on the next trip which runs April 11th-14th,  2013, click here.

Margaret Summerfield

P.S. Here’s what fellow readers Jerry and Dorothy S. said about their chill weekend trip: “Our time gave us the opportunity to explore Tao and the surrounding areas. We were really impressed!  We felt a real sense of inner peace and tranquility. The special feelings we got when we visited the ruins, the attention to preserving nature with the biosphere, the untouched beauty of the beaches, the friendliness of the local people,  the very concept of Tao itself…all added to our decision to buy a town home in Tao”.

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