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Friday, January 04, 2013

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Ken Bryan had a dream job – creating special effects for movies like “Jurassic Park”, “Star Wars”, “Men in Black” and “Harry Potter”.

And now he’s creating his dream house in Tulum, Mexico.

Tulum was Ken’s vacation spot when he needed some R&R. As Ken says: “With the beautiful beaches, lush jungle, stunning Mayan ruins, crystal-clear cenotes and the rich cultural heritage of the Mayan people still thriving here it’s easy to see why people are drawn to this unique location.”

Ken loved spending time in the area, and dreamed of living here full-time.

And his dream became reality after talking to a friend who had already made the move.

She lives off-grid in Mexico. Ken was amazed to learn that her house had cost less than his sports car. And her household expenses for the entire year cost less than his monthly mortgage and utility payments back home.

That got Ken thinking…

And when he visited Los Arboles Tulum, Ken was hooked. This off-grid community is only a 12-minute drive from Tulum’s stunning beaches. It features large 5-acre lots, old-growth jungle and lots of wildlife.

This is Ken’s description of his lot in Los Arboles: “The massive hardwoods and towering guano palms stand tall over an undulating jungle floor dotted with deep caves and beautiful limestone formations. Wild orchids and bromeliads are in bloom throughout the year. Butterflies and birds with colors so vibrant they twinkle like jewels flutter through the dappled sunlight that peeks through the high jungle canopy overhead. I’ve seen monkeys playing in the treetops, wild turkeys, deer, foxes and all sorts of exotic wildlife thriving in their natural habitat in my time here.”

And Los Arboles’ off-grid environment-friendly rules will ensure it stays that way. Back to Ken: “With the 95% jungle preservation rules Los Arboles Tulum has in place, I am happy to know that I have not only purchased a beautiful place in this tropical paradise for me to call home, but that my purchase guarantees that all of the amazing diversity of flora and fauna will continue to have a home here as well.”

Ken figured he didn’t need to put off making Tulum his permanent vacation spot. He is building a magical tree house on his lot. Other owners are building more conventional homes. They all blend in with the five acres of forest that surrounds each of them.

Power comes from the sun and the breezes that rustle through the treetops. Low-decibel generators act as a back-up. Owners can only build on 5% of their lot. Stone from the site is recycled, creating walls and decorative finishes. Roads in the 1200-acre community meander around old trees. A lot of thought has gone to making this community as low-impact as possible.

As Ken points out: “Growth and development in Tulum will continue but it doesn’t have to be at the expense of the ecosystem if it’s done right.  Los Arboles Tulum is proof of that and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to make this place my home.”

Los Arboles appeals to people looking for peace and privacy – and five acres gives you plenty of that. It appeals to people who want an eco-friendly community. It appeals to people who love the beach, but want to live in a forest setting.

Los Arboles started with 221 lots. Today, only 26 lots remain for sale. They come with a build requirement. You can build here from $95 per square foot.

To find out more about Los Arboles – and make your dream home a reality, just like Ken –  you can contact Donna here.

Margaret Summerfield


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