Sunday, August 23, 2015

Los Cabos is the epitome of a high-end, luxury vacation destination. Well-heeled tourists come in their droves each year; they bring big checkbooks with them, too. They're happy to spend $100,000 and up just to bag themselves a week in a timeshare property. They pay yearly maintenance fees on top of that, too.

Some like it so much here, they buy second homes. For a good-quality condo in a gated community with limited amenities and a view, they will spend $2 million. For a private home in the Pedregal area, buyers spend up to $10 million.

But you have the opportunity right now to bag a luxury property for much less than those buyers. And your property comes in one of the best established, most amenity-rich, locations in Los Cabos.

These properties sit high on a hill, on a sprawling, largely untouched patch of the Pacific coastline of Los Cabos.

It's just a mile away from the bustling, tourist-thronged town of Cabo San Lucas with its marina, high-end shopping, and numerous nightclubs. But the peace and solitude on offer make it feel a world away.

On site is one of the most spectacular golf courses I've ever played. Designed by golfing legend Jack Nicklaus, it runs over some of the development's most beautiful land. On many of the holes, you're looking straight out to miles and miles of Pacific Ocean. It's peaceful, serene, and un-encroached by development.

In the same development, you'll also find a luxury hotel. People staying here take golf carts to get from their room to one of its pools, or to the little grocery store and deli, or to one of the fun classes the hotel provides for its guests. The staff here are friendly, good-natured, and likely to remember you by name.

There's a steakhouse, Asian fusion restaurant, and a sushi restaurant, too, as well as a clubhouse, and a spa. Everything a luxury vacationer expects.

Some of the vacationers here are the same people who will spend $100,000 upfront for a timeshare—just to secure the right to use a property for a week in Los Cabos.

But you can get in on one of the properties the developer is offering at a base price of less than $560,000. That's a bargain for a property with access to high-end amenities like that golf course, a wine club, and a yacht club…and if you approach it right, your property could pay for itself.

I see you being easily able to rent your property out for a week for up to $3,000. Say you fill it just 20 weeks of the year (a very conservative estimate). That's a gross rental income of $60,000 a year: one tenth what you could pay for your property.

Of course, that's the lowball figure. I expect you could easily make up to $80,000 here a year, gross. And you—or your vacation renters—get access to a lot of amenities, including the golf course and the clubhouse, a spa, and those restaurants I mentioned.

For your money, you get a three-bedroom home. It's got great interior space—2,041 square feet—and spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, which you can enjoy from your 991-square-foot terrace. The finishes will be luxurious: granite countertops and kitchen appliances included. All of that comes for $559,354. You have the option to add on extras like a pool or fourth bedroom.

And you don't have to cover the cost upfront. With a deposit of 10%, you can make monthly payments during construction. On delivery, you can either pay the balance in cash or finance it at a rate of 6% over 10 years.

I see this as a no-brainer—so much so that I've locked down my own condo here. That's how much potential I see for this development.

Once you see what's on offer, I'm certain you'll see why it's a great deal. That's why this October 1 to 4 you have a chance to come visit. The team there will take care of almost everything: your airport transfers, five-star accommodation, and a tour of the Los Cabos area.

After seeing the available properties, you'll be given plenty of time to explore the Los Cabos area and its Pacific beaches. You just have to arrange your flights and pay a fee of $250 for a single person or $350 for a couple.

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