Sunday, November 15, 2015

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It feels likes standing in a virgin wilderness. In front of you are some of Panama’s finest white-sand beaches. Tropical birds call from the trees behind you. The land is undeveloped and quiet. You won’t meet many people here. Occasionally, you’ll see a kite surfer or someone walking an almost-deserted beach.

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’re a million miles from the modern world. But if you look a little farther up the point of this coast, you can see the lights of Panama City twinkling in the distance.

In fact, this is one of the last undeveloped expanses of beaches close by to Panama City. On your doorstep, you have the excitement and the amenities of that First-World city. Right here is where you’ll find the most exciting real estate project I’ve found in Panama since 2007.

This stretch of coast has been on my radar for the past decade. I knew development would come; the area is too beautiful to stay overlooked. And, with Panama’s growing middle class, more suburbanites are looking for their piece of the beach lifestyle—either as a weekend home or a place within easy commute of the city.

Planning issues stalled the development of this beach. There was no paved road until recently. Title and permitting challenges held off would-be developers.

But now those issues have been resolved…and my patience has paid off. A local contact is creating a new master-planned community. Plans call for a mixture of homes and condos by the beach. Some of them are just steps from the beach…or if you’re willing to be just a short stroll from the beach, the sticker price comes down.

Fifteen minutes up the road from this community, you’ll come to Coronado, one of Panama’s most popular and high-end beach towns. Since the 1940s, it’s been popular with wealthy Panamanians who came to build weekend homes. A community grew around those homes. Now, there’s supermarkets, restaurants, doctors and dentists, and hardware stores to shop in.

To buy an older home in Coronado, buyers will happily spend $250,000 or more.

But in the new development my contact is creating—a development that is closer to Panama City and by a nicer beach—members of my Real Estate Trend Alert group have been given the chance to get in at a much lower cost.

Members can lock down one a condo a short stroll from the beach for $141,000. Or, a sea-view condo right next to the beach for $176,428. The developer—a long-time contact of mine—has offered developer financing exclusively to members of Real Estate Trend Alert.

Once the local market catches on to this community, those prices will rise. You see, Latin Americans tend to follow trends. They buy homes with a ‘‘snob’’ value. Once they see that their peers are buying in a hot location, they’ll want to get in, too.

The developer here has the connections and the experience to attract that type of buyer. And once that happens, prices will be driven up in this community.

Right now, members of Real Estate Trend Alert are ahead of that trend. Here you can buy ahead of the creation of this prestige. That puts you ahead from the get-go…and leaves you primed to profit when property prices in this community rise.

I expect the condo that costs $176,428 to be worth up to $300,000 in five years’ time. And, by then be throwing off a strong rental income. This could be the last truly ground-floor beach opportunity close to Panama City.

Ronan McMahon


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