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“Nestled in the jungle with a keen eye to maintaining the natural jungle beauty, Los Arboles Tulum has created an oasis where I can get back in touch with nature…I must say that the staff of Los Arboles Tulum has been an absolute delight to work with. I have come to regard them as friends. I purchased four lots sight unseen. These lots are five acres each, so you can have your own Shangri-La without looking into the back yards of your neighbors. I booked a flight two weeks later and then went down… to see the community.

Greg spent the day with me, first showing me Los Arboles Tulum, and then we visited the four lots I had decided to purchase. I even have a cave on one of them. Apparently, this area is loaded with caves, so I would assume that many of the lots are also blessed with them. How many people can say they have a cave on their property? The jungle's natural resources - tall trees and the most exquisitely colored rocks - can be easily integrated in the building of a home, so that it blends with the beauty of the surroundings. Monkeys chatter and the birds abound. I love this place!

What makes Los Arboles Tulum so very special is that you can only build on 5% of the land. That means that 95% of your land remains intact. That is still a lot of land to build on. Greg is determined to keep the essence of this jungle setting with minimum intrusion of its natural beauty. And I applaud him for doing so.

For beach buffs, a seven-minute drive will get you to the most stunning beaches I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot of them. I walked the beach later and was amazed that there were so few people. Where is everybody? Well, I can tell you, they are coming. And it won't be long. Grab your piece of paradise while you can. Los Arboles Tulum is my piece of paradise! Leslie, California

“When George and I discovered the beachfront lots in Coco Village, we knew we had found our little piece of paradise in Ecuador.  We had spent four years and eight trips in learning and searching for the beachfront community and location of our dreams. We found it here at Coco Beach Village and purchased two adjoining lots!  The calm sea of Caribbean blue filled with exotic sea life, clean white sand, pre-Columbian artifacts washing up on shore, constant breeze, fresh fish every day, wonderful village people and Juan, the caretaker, gardener and protector of coconut palms.  The romance, peacefulness and beauty of this area is like no other place we have seen in Panama or Ecuador. Someday our great grandchildren will say, “WOW, I can’t believe this place is ours! - Denise & George, Florida

“Having visited Joao Pessoa in 1982 and again in 1995, I realized immediately that I was fully in love with this beautiful city.  As a country/small-town boy, I had planned to buy a property for rental in the city and a plot of land to build a house by the beach further south.  Having immersed myself in Joao Pessoa, I concluded that I could live very comfortably there.  Joao Pessoa has all the advantages of a modern city in terms of services and shopping ... but the charm, safety and friendliness of a small town ... with all the special advantages of a near perfect climate and some of the best urban beaches in the world.  Joao Pessoa is less cosmopolitan than Fortaleza or Recife, but it is more Brazilian ... this to me is a decided advantage.

John Curtisis very knowledgeable about the area and provides a range of services –his company’s expertise in managing rentals is extremely helpful in providing really useful guidance on what to buy and how to furnish it." - John I., Oxfordshire, UK

“My husband and I are not sure if we will retire out of the US, but want to investigate opportunities and thought that a chill-weekend would be a good place to start.  We have recently returned from our first and to say we had a great time would be an understatement!

We were skeptical and cautious about our decision to attend a chill-weekend in Tulum, Mexico.  We anticipated lots of sales pressure and boring presentations.  To put it mildly, we were wonderfully wrong!  The entire weekend, from the moment we landed in Cancun until we had to leave was nothing short of awesome.  There were NO sales pitches, only information, and most of that was generated by the questions from the crowd (and especially us!).  The accommodations and food were excellent; the like-minded people we met became instant friends; the entire staff was professional and welcoming; and the experience was unforgettable.  In addition to touring the development and its various offerings, we were treated to trips to local beaches and shopping.  To sum up the trip, neither my husband nor I were ready to leave and can’t wait to return.  We expected to be turned off and not purchase anything and ended up acquiring two investments!  Even our contact with the sales staff after we returned home has been very pleasant!

Based on our experience, we would not hesitate to highly recommend a chill-weekend to anyone even if they are only vaguely interested in international living.Bruce & Julia

“I recently came down to visit Tao to get acquainted with the project and found that ‘it fit the bill’…. ‘everything about the property was A+….’ a 5-star opportunity’ and ‘I can’t wait to start living part of my life in Mexico….’  The Mexico Alive team has been great to work with – from Benjamin all the way down to the guys driving the bus… Quite honestly, I couldn’t recommend them higher and I wish I had more money, because I’d buy more – thank you Mexico Alive! P. Kelley

“Costa Rica was an early favorite, but the price was less attractive than other destinations. That changed when we met Steve Linder of Pacific Lots at an International Living event in 2009. For a reasonable price, we could purchase a lot where the towering Talamanca Mountains met the magnificent Brunca Coast. A visit to Pacific Lots in June afforded us the opportunity to verify the beauty of the area and the quality of the Pacific Lots product. As importantly, the Pacific Lots staff, local Ticos, and others purchasing property were a delight. We purchased a half-acre lot with a view of the mountains and green space on three sides. – Don and Karen

“We had a good time at the guest house; plenty of good food, wine and company. Our intention was to buy just one lot; however the more we saw the more we liked. We ended up buying two lots. One was akin to a trek into the jungle and up a mountain and you couldn’t see the whole thing but Dave just had to have it. “My lot was a no brainer. It is a 9 ocean view and a 10 mountain view. Breathtaking no matter which direction you choose to look. I am very excited about getting into the building process. We are extremely pleased that we now have a vested interest in such a special place. The whole process was fun and exciting. – Jackie and Dave

“We did some homework and became convinced that the Ojochal area, because of the proximity to the mountains and ocean coupled with tremendous bio diversity and an enlightened development perspective, was the place to be. When I visited I had a chance to meet several members of the staff as well as other members of the greater Ojochal community and was impressed by their sincerity and friendliness and overall sense of community. It reminded me of our life in Bermuda. Finally, I had heard enough stories about the pitfalls of trying to oversee construction of a vacation home in absentia that made the “one stop shopping very attractive. Our expectation is that our new home will be a family retreat to be enjoyed by the entire family for years to come. – Dick and Linda

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