Sunday, April 13, 2014

By Ronan McMahon

Right now, members of Real Estate Trend Alert (RETA) have a strong opportunity close to Tulum on the southern edge of Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Even new RETA members can buy a Loft at Tao that has just been released to the public for $181,500 for $141,500. And, even new RETA members can buy with monthly payments of $550. (You can join here.) This is a stunning stretch of coast that’s on the up. I strongly urge you to visit.

As part of the RETA advantage not only do you get access to this members-only pricing. But, you also receive invitations to members-only trips.

Today, I’d like to extend an all-expenses-paid invitation to investigate the southern edge of Mexico’s Riviera Maya to check out the Lofts at Tao that I have been telling you about this week. This is a strong opportunity. But, I never ask you to take my word for it. In fact the opposite. I always ask you to put your own boots on the ground and investigate opportunities first hand. (Just like I’m down here doing right now.) Sometimes, as in this case, the developer will even pick up your entire tab. (Quite the advantage for a membership service you can try out for $124.75) Just get yourself to Cancun airport and the developer will pick up the entire tab for your four-day stay.

Now is the time to book your flight and get boots on the ground. The window of opportunity is set to close on these Lofts. As I write only 10 are still available.

Developer Benjamin Beja has agreed to host 18 members of our group for a members-only chill weekend this May 8th-11th, 2014. (Don’t worry if you can’t make these dates. There will be another members-only trip in June.) This trip is only open to members of our little group. And it’s free.

I strongly urge you to visit as part of this group, check out this opportunity and experience the “Tao Life” firsthand.

You’ll get to see the site for the Lofts at Tao nestling in a quiet wooded corner just off the Robert Trent Jones II golf course—this is a stunning spot. At Tao you don’t have to rely on a set of renderings, or a vision. You can visit completed homes, chat to residents and even take a class at the Tao Wellness Center. See the quality of Benjamin’s work (not only at Tao but also at the Sian Ka’an condo hotel where you will stay).

Tao is a community with competitive advantages and has a clear head start in a region where a government plan calls for increasing tourists numbers. The concept and amenities at Tao add a unique dimension to the Tulum opportunity.

On this trip you can share experiences with fellow members while running the rule over this opportunity. Accessing the shared wisdom of the group is an important aspect of membership.

You’ll get to feel that warm soft sand between your toes and feel the tranquility of the sounds of gently-lapping waves. The best beaches in Mexico are just 70 minutes down the coast from Cancun. Some are still deserted, dotted only with coconut palm trees and iguanas. Seabirds duck and dive overhead.

This region is rich in culture, history and natural beauty. A rich jungle interior reveals Mayan ruins and exotic wildlife. For Mayan archaeology at its best, head to the ruins at Chichen Itza and Tulum.

It’s a place where you’ll want to spend time, which is key to the profit potential we have here. As more folks catch on to Tao, more will want to come for vacation or as a second home—more renters and prospective buyers (when it’s time for us to cash out) for us.

You’ll get to see the Gran Bahia Principe resort. Resort infrastructure is already in place ($100 million has been invested to date to get the Gran Bahia resort looking the way it does today). Front loading an investment like this is another huge barrier to entry.

Follow the Path of Progress and drive over the new flyover at Playa del Carmen I have been telling you about. See the improvements at Cancun airport (even though there still isn’t enough space to keep up with growing demand).

Tulum is, and will stay, boutique. This is where you’ll come for a yoga retreat, to learn a new skill, or just chill. There are trendy new restaurants too and you’ll get to see the strength of the vacation rental market here.

While here you can see the quality of Benjamin’s work at Tao and the Sian Ka’an condo hotel (Benjamin was the developer there, too). The hotel has been a huge success. It’s been fully booked since the middle of last year. Benjamin over delivered (so much so that I almost couldn’t get a room for this trip, until a last-minute cancellation).

Join RETA now and you could…

-Lock down one of these Lofts and be $40,000 ahead from the get-go.

-Join a group of fellow members for this four-day all expenses paid trip to these stunning white sands.

-Immediately access all my research reports and opportunity archives.

In return I’m asking you to try Real Estate Trend Alert for $124.75. That’s it. You can join right now for only $124.75, go on this all expenses paid trip and lock-in this $40,000 advantage…download all my research…and then in three months decide not to renew your membership. For all this you will have only spent $124.75. That’s fine. I don’t want your subscription fees if you’re not going to be action-oriented. If RETA is right for you I’m confident you will stick around. In this video I fully explain the RETA advantage.

If you would prefer to spend your time reading my full reports on this opportunity and accessing all the research in my archives you can just enter your details here and get immediate access.

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