In Las Vegas, Cancun and Dubai…
a few visionaries turned a pile of sand
into a pile of money

They invested very little of their own funds,
yet they and those who listened to them became rich beyond their wildest dreams.

Here’s where it will happen next… and how you can prosper from this "insider information."

Dear Pathfinder Reader,

There’s an easy way to make A LOT of money. And you needn’t have a lot of capital to get started. What you DO need, though, is some "insider information" and the vision that comes with that. You need to know when to buy and at what price… and when to sell and walk away.

The kind of profit potential I’m talking about can be mind-boggling. It’s happened before and in very public ways…

In 1945, for instance, if you’d driven through the tiny town of Las Vegas, Nevada, you wouldn’t have seen much more than sand and dust and a few roadside motels where die-hard gamblers gathered to play poker and blackjack.

One man, though—a restaurant owner and publisher from Los Angeles named Billy Wilkerson—had an idea. He knew that high rollers from the West Coast… primarily those in the fast-growing entertainment industry… could be lured to the desert if the surroundings were luxurious and unique enough.

Turn $736 into $43,500 in just two years!

That’s what one ambitious investor did with access to the kind of non-public “insider information” I’m about to share with you… Keep reading to discover how you can do the same" right now.

A few miles from the small town, Wilkerson spotted a "For Sale" sign on a large parcel of land. After a long day and night of tough negotiation, he bought the 33-acre property for $84,000.

What happened next is the stuff of legend. Wilkerson eventually sold out, but today, the property he bought in 1945 for $84,000 is worth several billion dollars.

Similarly, in 1970, just three people were living on a spit of sand known as Isla Cancun, on the northeastern tip of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

A few visionary men, however, had plans for this overlooked coastline. In 1967, they had entered data into a computer, which pinpointed three areas in Mexico that were ripe for tourism development.

They were certain that this place, with its pristine beaches and warm Caribbean waters, would someday attract millions of beach-hungry tourists from around the world, but especially from the nearby United States.

They appealed to the Mexican government for financing and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, Cancún is the largest tourism resort in Mexico and the #1 destination in the Caribbean. While it’s nearly impossible to find land for sale in the city limits today, if you do, you’ll pay dearly for it… A three-acre oceanfront lot in the hotel zone is selling for anywhere from $14 million to $20 million.

Likewise in the mid 1960s, Dubai was little more than a pearl-fishing village on the desert shores of the Persian Sea. But in 1966, oil was discovered. Rather than careless spending, visionary leaders took another track and fashioned Dubai into a free-trade oasis, opening a tax-free info-tech hub to attract technology, media, finance and maritime companies.

Today, Dubai is known for its skyscrapers and super high-rise buildings, and for its over-the-top man-made islands, its luxurious hotels, and some of the largest and most expensive shopping malls in the world.

Yes, Dubai was hurt by the economic crisis of 2008. But today the economy is roaring back to life and posting solid performance numbers. Renewed optimism spurred property price increases of as much as 23% in 2013.

So the question is: If you had been in the Nevada desert in 1945… or on the Caribbean coast of Mexico in 1970… or in Dubai in 1966… when these visionaries were talking about turning piles of sand into piles of money… would you have listened?

My name is Ronan McMahon. And I believe that I can help you prosper greatly in the coming years.

As I said before, and despite today’s turbulent markets, there’s A LOT of money to be made. In fact, it’s because of market turbulence that we have such massive opportunities to act on.

All you really need is the inside line on where these opportunities are and how to get in on the deals.

That’s exactly what happened in Las Vegas, Cancun, and Dubai.  A few people with insider information… and the vision to act… became millionaires many times over. Some become billionaires. And how they’re doing it is not only 100% legal, but it’s extremely easy.

In fact, at least 29 billionaires on the Forbes 400 list amassed their fortunes this very way.

You may have guessed that this particular opportunity is in international real estate, where whopping differences in pricing allow for VERY STRONG returns—like triple-digit annual gains. It’s simply a matter of taking advantage of market differences that can hand over large and sometimes very rapid profits.

Economist and millionaire investor Bill Bonner calls this "one of the least explored, the least-understood and the most promising asset classes in the world." (He’s made several very lucrative investments based on my insider information, by the way.)

The Perfect Currency Hedge and Portfolio Diversification Play

One of the best reasons to invest overseas is to protect yourself against negative fluctuations in the US dollar. Unlike stocks and bonds, real estate is a hard asset. It won’t disappear overnight.

Not only that, but it’s HUGE fun. You get to travel all around the world (if that’s what you want to do) while you rake in money!

If there is any drawback at all, of course, it’s that you need to find out about these opportunities in the first place. And that can take some doing. And you have to figure out how to structure the deal… how much to put down, how much (if any) interest to pay so you can best leverage your investment.  

You need a well-informed and planned strategy for holding your investment. And an exit strategy. Taking profits is a critical step for any successful investment strategy… and one that far too many investors overlook.

Unfortunately, most financial advisors can’t help you with any of this. Most mainstream investment advisors, in fact, are CLUELESS about international real estate markets and the ins and outs of investing in them. They (and you, if you don’t look any farther) are missing out on a huge profit potential.

But that’s where I come in.

I travel the planet in search of the very best real estate deals. You may know me from the pages of International Living magazine where I write the occasional article about foreign real estate markets. I’ve been researching and investing in overseas markets for well over a decade now. I’m on the road at least one week out of every month…  I’ve circumnavigated the globe many times over by now.

Just to give you an idea of some of the opportunities I’ve uncovered:

  • Panama City: where I bought a $148,000 condo in Bayfront Tower with only $5,000 down. Shortly after I took possession, I sold for $225,000, bagging a $77,000 gain. (There are plenty of overseas markets where you can do the same)…
  • Brazil: I bought a luxury condo in a beach community for 180,000 Brazilian Real. I was able to secure with the equivalent of a modest $736 down, and I made small monthly payments along the way.

Fast-forward two-and-a-half years, and even before my condo was finished, a buyer offered me 250,000 Brazilian Real. I sold. That's a gross profit of $43,500. (In fact I bought six condos in this area. The gains were even bigger on some of my other investments. But, I’m sitting tight. Profits like this mean that I can walk away with debt-free condos here. And they kick off a strong rental income.)

  • Ireland: bought preconstruction for €162,526 and sold for €275,000. Again I was able to use the benefits of leverage to bank this gain with small money—and by the way, Ireland is ripe with crisis deals today, if you know where to look for them (which, being an Irishman, I do)…
  • Brazil again: I was able to secure a pre-construction deal at 15% under the launch price. I expect a 10% annual rental yield and a respectable capital appreciation. The best part is that I only had to put $770 down
  • Mexico’s Riviera Maya: I negotiated deep discounts on condos in a well-known and popular resort community—with a low, low deposit and manageable monthly payments (not to mention a free 8-year Wellness Center membership and a $5,000 credit toward a furniture pack). These units are intended to rent for as much as $1,500 to $2,500 per week… and as this is one most popular vacation locations for North Americans, I expect occupancy rates to be high.

Let’s Cut to the Chase:
How Can You Get in On Deals Like These…
Where You May Very Possibly Earn 100% or More on Your Investment in the Coming Months?

For Pathfinder’s more "investment-minded" readers, I’ve created an elite service. No doubt about it: It’s for people who are interested in making A LOT OF MONEY VERY QUICKLY.

You don’t need a lot of money to join us. But you need to be serious about making money—fast. No exceptions.

Here’s how it works, and it’s really pretty simple: We combine insider real estate information with the power of group investing to take advantage of certain situations and BUY AT HUGE DISCOUNTS. And right now, thanks to the economic crunch "heard ’round the world," there happens to be HUGE profit potential.

In some markets, we’ve been able to take advantage of some "crisis’ deals… I’ll tell you a bit more about that in a minute.

Primarily what we do, though, is put ourselves "ahead of the money," and we work with sound developers who want an infusion of cash to get "ahead of the market."

To do this, they’re willing to work with investor groups like ours and give "pre-launch" deals. These are deals they give our group BEFORE they release their inventory to the public.

This Isn't 'Rich Man' Investing, Although It Certainly Could Make You Rich

For one deal I negotiated, the down payment was just $770. Reasonable payments after that and you’re sitting in a rapidly appreciating asset with a view of one of Brazil’s prettiest beaches.

Our group purchasing power earns us tremendous early-in discounts, simply because we’re willing to get in first. And of course, we only do this when we’re getting a really whopping discount… like up to 30% off the established market value. That way, there will almost certainly be appreciation on the current value in the near future. Plus, the rental market can yield double-digit returns while we’re sitting on it.

And we only invest in markets that we believe are poised for success. That’s key.

Through my network of contacts around the world, I have an inside line on all the details that make for wise investing. I know where new airports and marinas will be built" where new highways will bring vastly improved access to long stretches of gorgeous coastline… (We refer to this as being in the "path of progress," but in most cases, it’s also the path to profit.)

In Brazil, for instance, we invested ahead of the upcoming 2014 World Cup games.

In Fortaleza, especially, there’s a shortage of hotel rooms to meet demand of the millions of fans who will descend. And that’s despite the fact that Fortaleza is Brazil’s #1 domestic tourist destination—and it should be… you’ll find some of the country’s most beautiful beaches here. (And as you may know, Brazil has more than its fair share of extraordinary beaches.)

The local government is striving to increase the number of visitors Fortaleza attracts by at least 11% a year. (Already 3.25 million visitors come annually. And so we're talking an increase of at least 300,000 more visitors a year.) More than $135 million is being spent on a new Aquarium (the largest in South America)… $30 million has already been spent on a general upgrade of the area (including an extension of the beachfront boardwalk)… and $10 million on a renovation of the cultural center.

In other words, the government is putting its money where its mouth is. This transformation is already underway. And it was barreling ahead at full steam even before they announced the World Cup was coming. That meant the shortage of short-term rentals was only going to get worse.

So I snatched up a few pre-construction purchases. (As did a number of folks who rely on my advice.) They've proven quite fruitful. As I mentioned earlier, two units in a beachfront condo development I like were priced at R$180,000 (Brazilian Reals) each when I grabbed them.

But here’s the best part of that deal: To get in on this opportunity, I only had to fork over a down payment of $1,117! Many of my group did the same. Two weeks later I got a call from a condo realtor who had buyers wanting to buy the rights to my units… for $20,000 each!

I had to decide whether to take a 1,690% profit in two weeks (or, in my particular case, $37,766)—or hold for bigger profits down the road. Me, I didn’t sell. (Although as of now, I have sold both units at a handy profit touching on six figures, including a currency gain.)

The point is: We’re doing what the average investor simply has no way of doing. And it’s all because we’re part of an elite "insider information" investor’s group. And because we have strength in numbers.

You see, you couldn’t possibly contact a developer and get the same deal unless you were willing to buy up multiple units… he’s going to want full price for one unit. The deals we’ve taken advantage of have been available "insiders only"—and definitely not available to the general public.

And I’m writing to you today because there are a couple of RED HOT deals shaping up right now, but you won’t know about it unless you’re a member of…

The Elite Service That Spots These Opportunities
—And Hands Them to You on a Silver Platter

The service I’ve put together for those of you interested in making BIG money is called the Real Estate Trend Alert (RETA), and I’m inviting you to join this close network of friends, colleagues and investors.

It's an elite and very private group of readers who have a particular taste for making money… especially overseas… in markets where recent economic problems have created unbelievable opportunity. And even though some areas are now recovering, others are still struggling. That will always be the case.

Since there is almost always a market anomaly (for our purposes a discrepancy or deviation from an established rule or trend) somewhere in the world… there is almost always an opportunity to double, triple, or even make ridiculous returns on your money.

Let me show you a few deals that might interest you…

Deals you can invest in from the comfort of your own home…

You can decide for yourself if you’d like the opportunity to make money along with us…

The Next HUGE Profit Play

Over the years, I’ve bought over 10 properties in countries like Ireland, Ecuador, Brazil, Panama" And the ones I sold made me thousands of dollars each.

In the last three years, I’ve visited over 30 countries. And in any given year, I often take more than one trip to each of these places. I spend more than $50,000 per year on airfare and travel expenses alone to research these opportunities!

In all my years as an investor, I’ve never felt as excited about the opportunities I’ve recently uncovered…

I recently shared my insider information about this situation with my RETA members. And there’s still time for you to get involved and have a chance at profiting along with me… if you take me up on my invitation to join our ranks.

You’ve heard about the Euro Crisis. For a deal maker like me, this crisis screams opportunity.

One play I’m looking at is in Spain. I reckon prices have fallen by 50%… so far. I’ve been watching some prices in selected areas plunge even farther.

Along the Costa del Sol, property prices are deeply distressed. This should be a market heaving with opportunity (and it is, if you know where to look). But too often, the real estate prices here don't reflect Spain's crisis.

And as I’ve said, I'm only interested in "fire sale" prices. And I’ve found an opportunity that that’s perfect for forward-thinking investors.

You’ll Get All the Details of "The Deals" (and More) Every Week In Your In-Box

Every week… or even more often if need be, I’ll send you all the details of the deals… exactly what, where, when, and why… how much down, the financing options, and more. I’ll keep you posted about how to best manage the asset and when to pull the trigger and exit. I do the heavy lifting; you sit back and enjoy the ride.

It’s in part of the Costa del Sol famous for its world-class golf courses. Valderrama (host of the 1997 Ryder Cup) is a 12-minute drive away; six minutes from Sotogrande's golf courses and marina, and four minutes from San Roque.

In the development I’m focusing on, condos here were delivered in 2010. (This is no pie-in-the-sky project. It’s a done deal.) Finishes are to a high standard. At that time, prices ranged from €240,000 to €270,000. Penthouses listed for up to €400,000. Some were sold before the crisis hit. Then sales evaporated and the bankers took over.

In response to the banking crisis that followed, Spanish authorities set up SAREB (a so-called "bad bank") with the aim of stabilizing the banking and real estate sectors. The setting-up of SAREB was also one of the conditions under the EU bailout that followed the Euro-zone crisis.

SARAB weren't very good at being a bad bank. The original lenders had planned for quick sales with prices starting at €99,000 ($134,000). That would have been good value. But SAREB jacked up the prices with a new entry price of €116,000 ($157,000).

I told my RETA readers about it and advised them to hold tight. We’ve been watching and waiting, and our patience has now been rewarded. I've just got word from one of my key contacts on the ground. SAREB have slashed their prices. They're under pressure to meet their publicly stated objectives. The market has forced them to get realistic.

Right now, the deal I’ve negotiated for RETA members is this: €86,900 ($118,000) buys you a two-bedroom, two-bathroom, 936-square-foot condo, with a 200-square-foot terrace. Condos come with a fully fitted kitchen and many have both sea and golf views.

This is an incredible opportunity. A killer deal at these prices. You’re buying for about 20% below the construction cost alone. This would be a great place to live or spend some quality time.

You can enjoy summers of the warm Mediterranean coast in your Costa del Sol luxury condo… while you wait for your investments to make money…

The short-term rental market is strong in the summer peak season (which runs for 10 weeks). Peak season rental rates come in at €600 ($810) a week and your clientele will most likely be foreign vacationers. Or you could rent long-term for €550 per month.

I’ll show you more about how to access any deals I come across in just a moment. But first, I want to put it more in context…

Crisis Investing—As Used By the "Big Boys"

This deal in Spain is a typical crisis-investing play.

You may have heard of crisis investing, and how it was the basis of some of the substantial fortunes of the last century.

Famous investor Warren Buffett made a lot of money in the 1973-1974 bear market—buying a large stake in Washington Post Company—an investment that later went up 100 times the buying price. He once said, "Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy only when others are fearful."

Real estate allows for fast wealth building because of all the built-in advantages. You can invest a relatively small amount of money to control a large asset.

When real estate is in a down phase in one region, there are still opportunities to profit elsewhere. It's what made Donald Trump rich. He’s lent his name to property marketed all over the world, including Dubai, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Panama and the Dominican Republic.

And Sir John Templeton, who ran the Templeton Growth Fund from 1954 to 1992. He was another serious crisis investor, buying into COUNTRIES and companies when, according to his principle, they hit the "point of maximum pessimism."

For example, there was another opportunity in Spain written up in the Wall Street Journal. The headline screamed "On ‘Foreclosure Road' in Spain, Bargains Abound." And Investment International proclaimed "Property bargains in Spain up for grabs."

I kind of hate to say this—but we were ahead of them. In one project I recommended to readers in Granada, Spain, prices were discounted by up to 36% off the list price.

These discrete "off-market" prices could expect gross rental yields in the region of 10% for the smallest units, I said… in the neighborhood of 8% after expenses. Remember, this area has intrinsic value and unlike Spain's costas, supply is limited.

And here's where this deal got really good.

The bank offered up to 90% finance on these units with rates as low as 2.5% (this was a variable rate tied to European Interbank rates) and a term of up to 40 years.

You see, I’m not just showing you opportunities EARLIER THAN ANYONE ELSE. I’m telling you exactly how to profit from them… and who to talk to make a deal happen.

It's great to get notice about these opportunities in the paper. But what those publications don't tell you is exactly what to do and who to contact for a chance to make large profits.

But in Real Estate Trend Alert, I do exactly that. And I do it before the mainstream media even gets wind of the story.

While these crisis plays offer huge potential, there’s other types of deals that may appeal to you as well. Like one I’m currently tracking three hours from Miami…

This BIG Opportunity Is Almost Over!

Just last month I told RETA members about the opportunity we have in one of the most beautiful and pristine coastal areas of Costa Rica. I told our group:

"This area has everything most tourists dream of finding when they book a vacation to Costa Rica—pristine, deserted beaches… waterfalls… lush rainforest… and a wealth of wildlife. It's known locally as the place where the mountains meet the sea. Sharp mountain peaks covered in forest plunge almost vertically down to the mighty Pacific Ocean.

"It's a real "outdoors" place, where you can fish, kayak, hike, surf and horseback ride. I took a guided tour in the forest on my last trip here to spot some of the wildlife. With the help of the guide, I saw monkeys, sloths and tropical birds. It was a lot of fun.

"Somewhere with all these upsides should be over-run with tourists. But they stayed away until fairly recently. That was because the road to get here from San Jose, Costa Rica's capital city, was only paved in 2010. Until then, it could take all day to drive here. Today, with the new highway, it's a three-hour drive. We're starting to see more tourists coming to this part of Costa Rica—and more property buyers, too."

But my group has been working with this project for the last several years. This is not a distress deal. The project started in the late 1980s and more than 200 homes have already been built here. But the developer wants to continue the momentum and knows our group is serious.

Right now, RETA members are being handed savings of up to $20,000. In fact, any RETA member who shows up in Costa Rica gets two price lists. The first shows every available lot in the project with its regular price. The second list is a special one. It's only given to members of our little group, showing handpicked lots with big discounts.

For instance:

  • On a half-acre lot with prime ocean views, RETA members save $20,000 on the regular price.
  • On the lowest-priced lots in the community—with gorgeous mountain views, and a regular price of $40,000. RETA members can knock $3,000 off that—paying only $37,000.

It's worth noting that you don't have to build on your lot until you want to. But should you want to build, the on-site construction team can do it all turn-key for you and at a reasonable price—there's even a massive wood shop on-site that creates custom wrought-iron balconies, metal and wood windows and hand-crafted kitchens.

You can offer your home for rent through the on-site property management team or do it yourself and make strong rental income. One owner generated $88,000 in rental income on his full-time rental house in just one year.

And if you’re keen on making a profit from your property here, you’re in luck. That’s because this area is fast becoming a world-class hotspot for tourists. And that’s always a good thing when you’ve got a property you want to rent out and profit from!

It’s opportunities like these that promise tremendous profit potential. But you need to act soon.

I share all the "insider information" in a new report I just put together. It tells you everything you need to know about this new opportunity… and how you can get in right now. And best of all" this report is free, as part of this special invitation!

It’s called: The Real Estate "Insider": How to Invest Low and Profit High.

In it, I’ll share information about some specific deals with tremendous profit and income potential. I'll show you exactly what I look for when I select opportunities for our members: areas with amazing upside potential… rental shortages that are set to get worse… world-class visionary developers" opportunities where we risk little but have much to gain.

In the report I'll offer up all the details and introduce you to the key players including trusted legal contacts.

I'll even pass on a special invitation to visit the area and see for yourself. Best of all as a RETA member the developer will pick-up the tab while you are there visiting!

The Secret of Secrets

Taking advantage of these deals all comes down to one simple secret: Markets swing from too high to too low. So assets are quite often valued incorrectly—either upwards or downwards.

Now, if an asset is overvalued, it's hard to guess how much it might come down. 10%, 20%, 50%?

But if an asset is CLEARLY undervalued, chances are the swing back to the norm is going to be substantial.

And right now, after the worldwide boom for years (at clearly unsustainable rates), many assets have swung WAY to the underpriced side.

And these, my friends, are the only opportunities I pass along to our little group. Safe, secure and potentially very profitable.

Want To Get In The Game Here?

As you can imagine, you can't just pick up the phone and call me anytime you want to know about a deal. My own company is a fee-based service called Pathfinder Ltd., a real estate advertising company and International Living’s preferred advertising partner. I literally spend thousands of hours and multiple thousands of dollars on travel every year to handpick the deal we bring to the table for our group of savvy investors.

And for every one we do take a closer look at, many others go by the wayside. I spend lots (and lots) of time culling the worthwhile opportunities from the many that don't deserve even a second glance. In fact, I analyze about 200 potential deals for every one I actually bring to the attention of my Real Estate Trend Alert members.

So, what I’m trying to say is, I’m a busy guy. And I don't just talk about this. I'm an active investor myself. Some of the deals I recommend, I buy myself! I’m there in the trenches making money along with you

I've developed a near-flawless approach that accurately pinpoints real estate bull markets while they are still in their early stages… long before most people are even aware of them. 

And when I find the best deals, I negotiate nonpublic "off market" deals with the developers on behalf of my private clients and a select group of individuals who follow the Real Estate Trend Alert.

Should you decide to join us, you’ll have access to my members-only website where I've compiled a list of the most interesting properties currently on the market. I've talked with developers, brokers, agents, land managers, tax people, the title insurance agent, government officials—in short, "insiders" who can give me the real story on a development.

Pick and Choose the Deal That’s Right for You

The key to our strategy is "strength in numbers." But there are almost always enough RETA members ready to buy to make up a small buying block. This 'little group' makes a powerful force when it comes to dealing with developers, and that’s how we’re able to strike deals no one else can. But there’s no pressure. You can pick and choose, and act only on the opportunities that suit you best.

And here’s where I need to mention that my company, Pathfinder, may earn advertising fees on some of the deals I pass along. But Real Estate Trend Alert members always get the best price available. And they always hear about the best deals first. That's my promise. And it's an important one.

Of course, not every opportunity will be right for every investor. But when you do see one you like, it's important to act fast (but prudently, of course). This isn't the kind of investing where you take your time, and mull over it for a few weeks.

You'll also get email "alerts" from me—the fastest, most efficient way I know of getting the information to you.

The Real Estate Trend Alert will give you all the details on how to get in on the investment. Who you need to talk to about down payments, financing, in-country legal help, and everything else that makes the transaction smooth and easy.

Here's How You Do It…

Just remember, acting on just one tip you read about in Real Estate Trend Alert could make you tens of thousands of dollars. Some with as little as $1,000 down (or even less). That means you DO NOT need to be rich to take advantage of these deals. And you can profit from the comfort of your own home.

And with unrestricted access to my latest research, you can be sure to find the best opportunities ahead of the pack. Remember, I only pass along opportunities where you could buy low and potentially sell high, safely and easily.

Through email alerts and our members-only website, I keep you up to date on everything I am currently recommending!

This is the stuff you won't read about in your local newspaper… not The New York Times… or even the Wall Street Journal.

Oh, they may mention a hot market. Or an interesting opportunity.

But they don't tell you exactly HOW to make a quick killing off it. With every detail of what you need—contacts and all!

This extremely valuable "insider information" is available only to members of the Real Estate Trend Alert. As a member you'll get:

  • Unrestricted access to the Real Estate Trend Alert website. You can stay abreast of the latest news and developments… get hot tips and recommendations… and be first to know about real estate deals that you can quickly lock in at pre-construction or "friends and family" pricing.
  • Regular reports that not only fill in all the details of what I'm currently researching or investing in, but also give you the inside scoop and contact information for some of the top experts in real estate, law, title insurance, and other fields that help you easily, safely, and efficiently buy properties.
  • Instant email alerts on the hottest investment opportunities—before the public hears about them. The value of these alerts is priceless—but if we had to put a price on them, just consider how much money you could make with just one insider tip.
  • Plus access to our newest profit play report: The Real Estate "Insider": How to Invest Low and Profit High.

This information is red hot!

What if just one tip had the potential to make you the kind of money I told you about earlier?

What if you were one of the few to jump on my recent recommendation and turned your $736 into $43,500?

My hunch is you'd be a pretty happy camper.

Plus A Personal Invitation…

There's something else, too. Several times a year, I arrange special invitations for my Real Estate Trend Alert members to check out the deals I recommend firsthand.

All the details are taken care of. You just get your airline ticket and fly in. Somebody who knows the place well—and who I know and trust—picks you up, gets you settled, and shows you around.  

Pick and Choose the Deal That’s Right for You

Travel Practically for Free. I hope you’ll join us on one of our members-only excursions where a good deal of your expenses will be covered by the developer. Best of all, you’ll be able to spend time with your fellow RETA members… Sharing information is key to our success and I can’t stress enough how valuable (and how much fun) these jaunts can be.

These trips either cost a very small amount—sometimes less than $200 for a long weekend away, for instance. Your meals and overnight stays are taken care of. Most of these exploratory getaways include a cocktail get-together or two and some special fun activity. And there's plenty of time for you to just hang out and take it all in.

You enjoy two, three, maybe four days in the sun. Relax. Explore a bit. Ask questions. Poke around. Get to know the developer. See for yourself if the deal on offer suits you.

There's no catch. It's just a really cheap… and smart… and sometimes luxurious" way to test-drive a potentially very profitable deal that might interest you. A way to "kick the tires" so to speak.

Everything You Need For Big Profits and Adventure

Real Estate Trend Alert gives you everything you need to take advantage of the very best global real estate investment opportunities available today.

All the research… the hot tips… "insider information"… and the inside story and best pricing delivered to you before the opportunity is even discovered by the general public—if it ever is.

Now… as I'm sure you've realized, joining this elite group is not cheap.

But it may very well be the best bargain of any of the International Living services available. Just consider the amount of time and money that goes into each of my investigative efforts.

I'm on the road at least a couple of weeks a month. I spend thousands of dollars a year in hotel rooms and airfare alone. I do it so you don't have to. So you can simply reap the benefits. Safely… from the comfort of your home, if you want…

Other Real Estate Trend Alert members have paid $999 to join and receive a year's worth of picks and insider guidance from me. And truth be told, they were getting a bargain at that price. After all, just one deal could make you that much MANY TIMES OVER.

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